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The Christmas Shoppe



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Mini Christmas Tree In Vintage Cup-Christmas tree, holiday decor, silver plate cup, pink roses, cottage decor, shabby decor, home decoration, Christmas decoration,
Mini Christmas Tree In Vintage Cup
Ginger Bread House Tassel-tassel, home decoration, gingerbread house, Christmas decoration, home decor, handmade Christmas tassel, Handmade gift, ribbons, gingerbread man, Christmas, holiday decoration, tassel
Ginger Bread House Tassel
Christmas Tree In Baby Shoe Roses-Christmas tree, Christmas decor, baby shoe, Christmas decoration, pink roses, handmade Christmas decoration, Cottage decor, Shabby decor, pearls, white roses
Christmas Tree In Baby Shoe Roses
Glittered Snowman With Candy Cane-snowman ornament, glitter, pearls, decoration, Christmas decoration, cottage decor, shabby decor, pink, snow, holiday decor
Glittered Snowman With Candy Cane
Snowman Ornament With Roses-Christmas, ornament, snowman ornament, glitter, roses, pink roses, white snowman, ribbon, cottage, pearls, shabby decor
Snowman Ornament With Roses
Wooden House Ornament-Christmas decor, Christmas ornament, decoration, glitter, roses, tree, star, holiday decoration, wooden house, paint, blue, white
Wooden House Ornament
Pink Wooden Church With Roses-pink church, ornament, holiday decor, pink, roses, glitter, handmade, paint, snow, paper, glitter, gift,
Pink Wooden Church With Roses
Out of Stock
Trio Of Wooden Ornaments-ornaments,holiday,Christmas,pink,roses,decal,handmade,glitter,wood,ribbon,paper,shabby,cottage,chic,paint
Trio Of Wooden Ornaments
Christmas Tags With Santa-Christmas tags, Santa, glitter, gifts, paper, handmade, decoration, ribbon, roses, scrapbooking, holiday, Christmas
Christmas Tags With Santa
Out of Stock
Set Of Vintage Jello Ornaments-jello,molds,tree,Christmas,holiday,decoration,ornaments,glitter,decal,rose,pink,white,shabby,gift,paper
Set Of Vintage Jello Ornaments
Set Of Large Jingle Bells-bells,Christmas,decoration,ornament,gift,metal,pink,white,cottage,shabby,glitter,holiday,chic,roses,paper
Set Of Large Jingle Bells
Out of Stock
Petite Stocking Ornament-stocking, Christmas, roses, pink, tree, crochet, handmade, gift, paper, shabby, ornament, holiday, ribbon
Petite Stocking Ornament
Little Girls Christmas Tags-gift tags, Christmas tags, ribbon, decoration, holiday, handmade, glitter
Little Girls Christmas Tags
Christmas Skate Gift Tags-gift tags, skate, glitter, holiday, paper, cardstock, Christmas tags, Christmas gift tags, roses
Christmas Skate Gift Tags
Vintage Santa Christmas-Santa gift tags, Christmas tags, glitter, paper, holiday, handmade, ribbon
Vintage Santa Christmas
Santa Claus Gift Tags-Gift tags, holiday gift tags, Christmas tags, holiday, santa, glitter, ribbon
Santa Claus Gift Tags
Sleigh Altered Holiday Bottle-glass bottle, handmade flowers, pink roses, Holiday gift, handmade gift, cottage decor, decoration, gold, silver, red balls, ribbon, sleigh, Christmas decoration, shabby decor, netting, pearls
Sleigh Altered Holiday Bottle
Let It Snow Altered Christmas Bottle-altered bottle, glass bottle, holiday decor, holiday decoration, Christmas gift, Christmas decoration, handmade gift, gift, handmade, roses, shabby decor, Christmas, ribbon, charm, netting, gold, silver, paper, pearls
Let It Snow Altered Christmas Bottle
Out of Stock
Shabby Cottage Cloth Santa With Tree-Santa, cloth Santa, Christmas gift, handmade Santa, holiday, pink, decoration, handmade, roses, fringe,
Shabby Cottage Cloth Santa With Tree
Key Ornaments Set Of Three-roses,key,metal,white,pink,cottage,ornaments,Christmas,tree,gift,
Key Ornaments Set Of Three
Ornament Stocking-stocking, roses, vintage, buttons, linen, crochet, ribbon, pink, cottage, shabby, Christmas, holiday, ornament, tree
Ornament Stocking
Stocking Ornament In Neutrals-stocking, neutral, crochet, vintage, buttons, handmade, gift, lace, trim, cotton, ribbon, Christmas, ornament, button
Stocking Ornament In Neutrals
Gorgeous Green Christmas Tree With Trimmings-Christmas,tree,green,glitter,cottage,shabby,roses,handmade,gift,paper,gems,rhinestones,pearls,holidays,painted,chic,decor,decoration
Gorgeous Green Christmas Tree With Trimmings
Set Of Wooden Tree Ornaments-ornaments,wood,white,roses,ribbon,glitter,Christmas,gift,holiday,decor,tree,decoration,handmade,cottage,shabby,chic,
Set Of Wooden Tree Ornaments
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